Empowerment through Innovation

Leadership, Strategy, Marketing, Sales, Results.


Adaptable, Emotionally intelligent, Passionate  

Over the past three years, I led the development of bleeding-edge Augmented Reality technology for medical professionals into a consumer application that reached #74 in the medical category on the Apple App Store.

These days, I have the opportunity to lead a small and dynamic team as we develop brands, execute go-to-market strategies and contribute to multiple organizations' growth. I love crafting memorable, personalized marketing campaigns for technology and direct-to-consumer products using a data-driven approach. 

Professional Summary

I bring more than five years of experience across sales, branding, marketing, and customer relationship management for early-stage, growing, and enterprise-level organizations. I passionately chase goals, valuing the importance of building and maintaining strong client relationships.

As Growth Manager for Arc Reactions, I am responsible for developing and executing marketing strategies that drive revenue. I manage multiple teams responsible for a complete range of services, from branding & website development to personalized multi-channel marketing campaigns. I also design, build and manage marketing and sales automation systems for multiple organizations in B2B and B2C capacities. 

I have successfully crafted and executed multi-channel, personalized marketing campaigns for consumer goods and technology product launches to North American Markets. I feel confident I can add strategic and operational value with the experience to roll-up my sleeves and perform marketing and sales tasks as needed.

I have experience creating and managing teams working with SEO, PPC, SEM, Demand Generation, Podcast & Webinar production, Influencer Marketing campaigns, Google Suite management and social media management. My experience crafting and executing advertising campaigns spans all significant channels for B2C and B2B.

With a dynamic career spanning multiple industries, I have developed an in-depth understanding of how organizations function and grow. I think strategically, consistently seeking new ways to improve and innovate. My experience across multiple industries has honed a broad range of skills, including:

- Project Management - Marketing Strategy & tactics -

- Sales - Content Marketing - Product Marketing -  

- Growth Marketing - Demand Generation -

- SEO Management - Marketing & Sales Automation -

- Analytics & Reporting - Branding - Market Research -

- eCommerce & 3PL Fulfillment -

- CRM Management & Implementation -

- Process Mapping - Calculating ROI -

 - Financial Forecasting & Reporting -




Growth Manager - Arc Reactions

 Growth Marketing   Project Management   Growth 


In my role, I co-owned the sales pipeline with the Agency Owner. I was project manager, leading a remote team composed of one copywriter, two designers, one creative director, and one website designer. Arc Reactions was recognized as the #1 Marketing Agency - Canada - July 2020.


I managed a sales pipeline with a goal of 5% revenue growth in 2020 while providing exceptional client service and project management.



  1. Increased Arc Reactions year over year revenue by 10%, and ACLV by 23%. (2019-2020)

  2. I lead the development and implementation of scalable sales, marketing, fulfillment, and operational systems and processes designed by capturing existing practices and improving them using industry best practices.

  3. Designed, executed and managed all client campaigns for B2B, B2C, and D2C brands offering SAAS, Service-based, and tangible products utilizing multi-channel inbound and outbound campaigns.

CEO - Hone Virtual Education

 Sales   Product Development   Product Marketing 


I was part of the founding team responsible for developing and scaling an Augmented Reality (AR) Healthcare Education Technology start-up over three funding rounds before exit in the Fall of 2019.



Lead the development of AR technology via a remote team of Canadian developers, selling to post-secondary educational institutions, while raising $>1million CAD from Investors in New York, Toronto and Calgary.



  1. We developed and launched Cue Recognition, the first medical education AR training application for AR-enabled smartphones – reached #74 on Apple Store, Medical Category, April 2019.

  2. I was responsible for leading the brand's development, marketing collateral, marketing content and marketing strategy for the product launch.

  3. I lead the development and execution of marketing and sales campaigns.



Worked in multiple specialized roles across various full-time, part-time, casual and volunteer EMS and Fire Services.


Operate in dangerous, aggressive, adverse environments to provide life-saving care as part of small teams operating without additional support.



  1. Exceptional ability to remain calm and lead under pressure while achieving our team/ individual goals.

  2. Strong written and verbal communication skills combined with the confidence to speak to any audience level, finding the appropriate tone and messaging to be empathetic, compassionate, and understood.

  3. I strive to learn and push the boundaries of what is possible while ensuring the team is focused and accomplishing goals.


2020 - Current

University of Illinois

  • Master of Business Administration - Specialized Sales & Marketing


Lakeland College

  • Emergency Services Technologist Degree - NFPA, IFSAC, PROBOARD Firefighter 1001 LVL 1&2, Emergency Vehicle Operations 1002 - A/B, Specialized Rescue 1006, CBRNE 1007.

  • Paramedic Diploma, TCCC


South Torrance High School

  • High School Diploma 


Clients & Collaborations

I work with Executives and Entrepreneurs to achieve revenue goals
 using personalized and engaging marketing experiences.